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Made In America: Clothing And Textiles Sewn By Dallas Workers Who Are Visually Impaired

“You’ve got an ADA badge that can be applied to a product that you’re manufacturing or servicing,” McElroy said. That ADA badge attracts clients who like to say their products are made in a place that employs people with disabilities. “If you combine those [advantages] and you look at the size of the textile industry, it became a pretty simple decision to make,” McElroy said. Simple, except, they had to buy new equipment and retrofit sewing machines to be safe for visually impaired people to use. Employees also needed new training. Jessie Tran, who has been blind since she was a child, has worked at the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind for more than a decade. Jessie Tran, who has been blind since she was little, was one of the first to sign up. “I start[ed] out making eyeglass cases and markers,” Tran said. “When they opened the sewing, I feel like I want to learn something new.” Tran remembers her aunt and mother sewing in Vietnam, where she was born. Today, she’s hemming the sleeves and bottoms of 200 to 300 shirts a day in Dallas.   Like the woman next to her, Tran relies heavily on her hands.

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It’s the oily sebum and the bacteria that your sweat picks up from your skin that can cause the stink. The more bacteria in your sweat, the greater the odor. And your workout provides the perfect warm, moist breeding ground for the bugs, since your body temperature increases as you sweat. That means a good dose of stinky sweat to seep into your clothing. (For a workout that will leave you dripping with sweat, try The 21-Day Metashred from Men's Health.) And that’s especially true if you wear sports fabrics like spandex and polyester, which have been shown to collect the most odor-causing, micrococcus bacteria as compared to cotton, according to a study by Ghent University in Belgium. If you don’t wash your clothing right away, the bacteria can continue to multiply even after your workout—meaning your shirt gets progressively stinkier, explains Obendorf. So the shirt that may have passed the sniff test before you left the house could be a little riper when you finally take it out of your gym bag later. Plus, if you sweat again in an already-stinky shirt, well, you’re just going to make it even worse. What’s more, excess dirt and dried sweat on your clothing can react with the oxygen in the air, leaving you with yellowish stains that are difficult stains to remove . And the same factors that make your clothing stink can be bad for your skin, too.

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The Liberal Democrats held their conference in Bournemouth Image caption Jeremy Corbyn took the Labour conference to Brighton Image caption The Conservatives held their conference in Manchester Mr Bercow argued that for almost three months - virtually a quarter of the year from mid-July to mid-October - the Commons only sits for two weeks. Party conferences take place in venues around the country outside London. Prime Minister Theresa May, the cabinet, Conservative MPs and around 12,000 delegates and exhibitors descended on central Manchester for the party's annual conference from Sunday, October 1 to Wednesday, October 4. According to Visit Manchester, increased demand for accommodation, restaurants, bars and transport across the city boosted the city's coffers by £30m. Labour's gathering in Brighton ran from Sunday, September 24 to Wednesday, September 27 while the Lib Dems' conference in Bournemouth ran from Saturday, September 16 to Tuesday, September 19. Mr Bercow also told the Hansard Society that MPs should be able to trigger a recall of Parliament if there is a major crisis while the House is not sitting. Under current rules, only the government can seek a recall of MPs to Westminster while Parliament is in recess. The Speaker said one option could be for a petition of recall to require the backing of at least a quarter of the 650 MPs, with at least a quarter of those being government supporters and a quarter from the opposition. "This would ensure both a degree of balance and a testing threshold for a recall bid to cross," he said.

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