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Booking Investment Adds to Didis Strategic Options for Global Push

However, the partnership does not offer the option to book flights through Booking platforms like Kayak and Priceline via Didi. The main draw of the deal for Didi is the strategic opportunities it provides for global expansion to cater to both Chinese tourists and non-Chinese consumers While the extra money certainly does not hurt Didi, it’s also part of the company’s larger strategy to gain increased access to global markets. The ride-hailing company largely has the Chinese domestic market locked down, but has made moves to expand to Mexico, Australia, Japan, and Taiwan . This is an effort to make sure its platform is available to both Chinese tourists and non-Chinese consumers. Although not all expansions have been direct ones, with the company often operating franchise models and working through partners. The most important part of this latest development is the fact that Didi will be able to sell its ride-hailing services through Booking’s platforms. This is especially important given the popularity of Uber and Lyft in markets outside of China, where the Chinese app is largely unheard of. The partnership will hopefully aid with marketing the brand. Moreover, if the deal helps Didi gain a sizable enough foothold in a foreign market, it increases the chances that Chinese tourists can utilize the app when they are abroad as well. In a larger sense, the move further establishes Didi as a “place for travel” for its consumers.

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Travel agency JTB to lease cruise ship to beat Tokyo 2020 Games hotel crunch

Travel agency JTB to lease cruise ship to beat Tokyo 2020 Games hotel crunch The Sun Princess cruise ship is seen in this photo provided by Princess Cruise Lines Ltd. YOKOHAMA -- A 1,011-cabin cruise ship will be moored at a Yokohama pier for the duration of the Tokyo 2020 Games to help beat the expected hotel room crunch, it was announced on June 25. 【Related】Panasonic to enter 'minpaku' lodging business to pitch appliances Major travel agency JTB Corp. will lease the 70,000-ton class "Sun Princess" cruise liner from Princess Cruise Lines Ltd. and station it at Yokohama's Yamashita Pier from July 23 to Aug. 9, 2020. The 2,022-passenger-capacity ship is equipped with three restaurants, a pool, theater, spa and sports gym, among other facilities. Stays must be at least two nights, at prices in the 70,000 yen range up to the 600,000 yen range per night. (Japanese original by Yoshihiro Tanaka, Yokohama Bureau)

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